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St. Lucia at Silver Shells Condominium Association is located in Destin, Florida. Along with our beautiful resort, unique buildings, well-maintained property, and excellent location, this web site is designed to make St. Lucia at Silver Shells an even better place to own and enjoy. We hope you will find this site and its information convenient, along with keeping you informed and more involved in the Association's day-to-day operations. The site includes easy access to the association's by-laws, rules, news, board minutes and other information for your use. This site is accessible with a designated password and is intended for the sole use of the owner at St. Lucia.

The web site links will lead you to the information you want, and will also give you an opportunity to access board minutes and a place to make suggestions and/or comments.

We sincerely hope this web site makes St. Lucia at Silver Shells an even better place to own in Destin.

Contact Info: Sally Piccuito